We provide expert and affordable surveillance services to a diverse clientele:

  • Individuals – We can help to confirm your instincts when you think others are being dishonest about their behavior, for example if you think your significant other is being unfaithful.  We can also obtain the valuable evidence that you need if you are in the middle of a child custody dispute.
  • Law Offices – Whether it’s a criminal or civil case, our top-notch services will uncover the evidence you need to reach a positive outcome for you and your client. We are the Family Law and Divorce Attorney’s Investigator.
  • Businesses & Corporations – Whether we monitor your place of business, or a competitor’s, we can catch rogue employees, monitor distribution infringements, employee theft, uncover policy violations and inappropriate employee behavior.

Do you already use a surveillance investigator or private investigation firm for your surveillance services?

If you are dissatisfied with the relationship, the slim performance, questionable tactics, poor results, or padded billing hours, Contact Us immediately for a complimentary consultation with no obligation.

Try us once and let us prove ourselves. You will see a dramatic difference in professionalism, expertise, and results.

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